Peace out AT&T

The VP pulled through for me. He got on a three-way phone call (welcome back eighth grade) with me, and his AT&T buddies. I think he felt some of my frustration because during our round of being transferred to this dept and that dept, he started getting a little annoyed with the folks who were supposed to be helping us. He reiterated his status at the company several times.

Finally, we found out that AT&t does not support my house. How nice of them to tell me that. I've only been calling them since May 6. That's almost 2 complete months. I wonder how long they would have teased me into thinking I could get some quality internet.

I broke down yesterday and will begin to get ripped off by Charter very soon. That is, if the technician can be snagged into our house while he runs to the door, knocks as quietly as possible and scoots back into his car, to tell us later that no one was home.


christy said...

OMG. I'm frustrated for you all the way on the West Side. And, I know all about those little weaselly techs who tell you no one answered -- in one case in my past, I was sitting outside the entire time when the customer support people told me that no one had been home. It's a really good thing that these people are miles and miles away from the people they service on the telephone, or I imagine they would be the victims of much violent crimes.

Hopefully it will all be over soon.

Marissa said...

AT&T you suck! What awful customer service. I hope I never ever have to deal with them. I don't know you kept your sanity/patience....