In my current profession, I do a lot of writing. In my previous life, I did less writing but still a considerable amount. I like to pride myself on having good grammar and sentence structure as well as being good at telling a story. (disclaimer: I do not proof these posts, so don't judge by my blogging alone. If you want professional writing samples, we can do that elsewhere.)

So today I read a story published in the local newspaper that I often sent stories to in my previous life. Not once did they give me the "author" title as they did this new guy. So he can't even pawn off the mistake. The story is talking about the tough economic times the organization is going through. I'm going to post the story in entirety, changing the names so they can't search.

CORNFIELD, IL-- Tough economic times aren’t coming, they are already here, says Dr. Jerk #1, president of Cornfield College.

The state is currently behind $1.8 million in money it owes the college. The college was owed $2.5 million until last week when State Senator I Drive a Tractor (D) worked to get $700,000 in state emergency funding released so the college could make payroll.

“I hear a lot of people talking about what is going to happen, I am more concerned about what is already happening,” Jerk #1 said. “I hear diffcult times are coming, but we are already experiencing them.”

Nice Lady, the college’s chief financial officer, said the college is looking at every possible expenditure cut to keep from laying off any institutionally funded employees.

In the meanwhile, Jerk #1 said it is important that college employees understand how the state’s current financial picture is affecting the college.

“I am encouraging everyone to pull together and work as one so that we might see our way through the problem we are facing right now,” Jerk #1 said.

The key line in this story is "in the meanwhile." How many of you have started a sentence with that?


Dad said...

Cornfield College? Priceless!

jcrewmommy said...

Don't make fun of us Sarah....we luv us some corn down here..