Summer Vacations

Until I was in college, my parents took us kiddos on a summer family vacation. Most of the time, this was a two-week-long trek one way or the other away from STL (the center of the universe right?).

My mom has continually been unloading crap to my sister and I that we left at her house on purpose when we moved out. She thinks we want to keep it, so she is bringing target bags full of stuff she's finding that she thinks we want. In my most recent drop off, I got my GRE scores (which I did amazingly well in math/science and horrible in verbal/reading... kinda ironic given my career choice), my sorority group pictures from college (where everyone has that tiny piece of felt on as a shirt and some fake pearls), and a 13-page wide-rule notebook paper scrapbook from our trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.

This thing has my first lobster bib on it, rocks, notes about my sister puking in the car, and my overall complaints about the long drive. It was hilarious to read.

I also found a list that my mom made of all the trips we took, that she can remember. To preserve this list on the internets, here it is:

1980 - Hunting Island, SC
1981 - Gatlinburg, TN (I was born in Aug 1981, not sure if I was alive, or in womb)
1982 -Hunting Island
1983 - Padre Island
1984 - Gatlinburg, TN
1985 - Hunting Island
1986 - Estes Park, CO
1987 - Myrtle Beach, SC
1988 - Charlottesville, VA, Virginia Beach, Washington DC
1989 - Disney World, St. Augustine, FL
1990 - Fripp Island, SC, Vicksburg, MS
1991 - Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons
1992 - Fripp Island, SC, Gatlinburg, TN (Captain Wally trip for those who went)
1993 - Michigan
1994 - Yellowstone/Tetons #2
1995 - Maine
1996 - Fripp Island (condos)
1997 - Fripp Island (house)
1998 - Eminence, Branson, MO
1999 - Door County, WI
2000 - Fripp Island, Highland NC (have necklace from sapphires)
2001 - Fripp Island, Gatlinburg
2002 - San Francisco/Napa Valley/Santa Cruz, CA (our first flight)
2003 - Chicago/Memphis
(This begins hubs and me trips)
2004 - Chicago
2005 - cruise to Bahamas
2007 - honeymoon in Key West, FL
2008 - Fort Bragg, NC
2009 - Fort Bragg, NC

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Dad said...

All you have to do is say the name "Captain Wally" and the memories come flooding back (and not all good memories). I do remember how great the ice water tasted at the Pizza Hut in Port Royal after our "3 hour tour".