I'm all over the place on this one...

My parents left today for a trip to Spain and France. I haven't bothered to look at the specifics of their itinerary that dad emailed me because frankly, I'm too jealous. The hubs and I are actually planning several trips over the next six months, but we are staying in the lower 48, with a jaunt into Canada.

I talk to my mom just about every day. I always thought I wouldn't be that daughter. I thought my sister would grab that role because she's always been more of the momma's girl while I was the one who played sports and went to the hardware store with dad on Saturday morning. When they are gone, I realize how much I talk to mom and how much I would miss it if she weren't here.

Hubs recently lost a semi-family member and I think seeing people our age go through losing a parent is reminding him of when his mom passed. One of the semi-family member's kids asked hubs "when does the hurt stop?" from losing a parent. His response was: It doesn't ever stop.

And that scares me.

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