One Year Old

I bought my car one year ago today. It has about 31,000 miles on it. I'm pretty sure that's more than average, but for the first 7 months of that car's life, I was driving 240 miles to the old house every weekend. I still live about 20 miles from work, so it's improving but until the Metrolink and I become best buds, the nameless* car is the way to go.

My five year old car of the same brand has 170,000 miles on it. We stopped driving that car in May. It is for sale and has had a couple of lookers, so we'll see. Apparently people are being sticklers for the timing belt not being changed at 100k miles. Who knew that was important?

*this is the first car that I have not named. My previous cars were Patty the Maxima and Ruby the red Civic.

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