Bad News Bunnies

Last year, I didn't get around to planting the garden until it was too late to plant spinach and lettuce. I planted it anyway, but we only had about two weeks worth of production before it got too hot. This year, I am ready. I have my seeds. I cleaned up last year's garden (yeah, I'm the lazy neighbor who just left the tomato plants to rot all winter. Think of it as my version of composting). I got out the manual tiller. I'm ready to work. 

And then I found a litter of rabbits under some leaves/twigs. About 5 itty bitty adorable baby rabbits rolling on top of each other, probably blinded by the light of being out in the open. They scared the bajeezus out of me, so the hubs comes running outside after my screeching. And we decide we just can't kill the bunnies. 

After reading online about the whole baby rabbit-birthing-nesting experience, it seems we have a few more weeks before these things un-inhabit my garden. I guess I won't be planting my seeds right away - especially since spinach and lettuce sound a lot like "rabbit" food. 


Rebekah J said...

We're planning on doing some gardening this year but I think we'll need a waist-high fence just to keep the crazy dog out. I didn't even think about bunnies...

Sarah said...

We originally put up deer fencing only - it's plastic and probably 4 feet tall. The bunnies chewed right through it, so we had to put chicken wire along the bottom (2ft tall) to keep the bunnies out too. Apparently, they got the chicken wire out of the way during the winter.