Trip to Indy

The hubs and I just returned from our weekend getaway in Indianapolis. Neither one of us had ever been, so we thought the big10 basketball tourney was a good excuse to check out a new city. The pic below is the view from our room at the Sheraton. I sort of feel like we were ripped off by the Sheraton, but that's another $500 story. 

We always try to eat local when in a new city, so I emailed a friend who lives there. She recommended a German place called the Rathskeller. Combine beer, sauerkraut and mustard and you have a meal meant for my husband. He was in food heaven, and a food coma afterward. I always try to not overeat, especially on vacation. To me, that is one of the worst feelings in the world. 

So my plate is the closer one, a turkey reuben with a side of creamed spinach. It was seriously delish!! The hubs had a brat with sauerkraut, spaetzel noodles (tasted like dumplings with gravy - I was not a fan, but he loved it) and a potato pancake. Also, that mustard looks friendly enough, but it was making his eyes water and his cheeks turn red. I found that hilarious. 

To walk off some of the food we went to check out the WWII memorial building. It always amazes me to see the architecture of older buildings up close. I feel like we just don't put the effort into buildings like this anymore. It's all about saving money. This can't be done on the cheap.

And to give you some perspective as to how tall that building is, here's a six foot-tall woman standing in front of it.

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