A week later...

I was really hoping 2013 was going to be just a bit better than 2012, but apparently things are not going to be better. Things are going to be worse.

Since I last posted, the hubs was admitted to the hospital for 2.5 days and they still don't know exactly what caused him to have such an extreme case of vertigo. They are thinking it's an inner ear virus, but we won't really know unless it comes back. He's still struggling one week later with blurry vision and headaches.

So, we have that going on. And then I got a stomach virus. Luckily, my mom had moved in to take care of the baby during the day because I started getting sick in the middle of the night the same night the baby decided to scream from 3-6 a.m. I do not do well with anyone throwing up, much less myself. I made it all the way through pregnancy and all-day-sickness without throwing up. In fact, I made it from 2004-2013 without any pukes. I just hate it and pretty much refuse to do it, but I didn't really have a choice the other night.

With all of this, I completely forgot to weigh in today. Hopefully all this bad will give me a good number on the scale.

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