Tuesday list

  1. The fruit oats are pretty awesome. They are definitely sweeter than my pumpkin oats,but I think that's because of the natural sugars in the fruit.
  2. I'm in love with my Very Berry White tea from teavana (thanks Grandma!)
  3. I did a "mini workout" on Saturday that made me feel like a semi-normal human being. I walked 2 miles and did some squats and ab work. Not too much because I don't have clearance from my surgeon yet, but I am feeling very little pain these days, so I think I'm okay.
  4. After my workout, I was going to get a pedicure with a friend. It was 60 degrees outside and I was hot from working out, so I wore flip flops and capri pants. By the time the pedi was over 3 hours later, it was about 35 degrees and raining. I was SO cold.
  5. Speaking of that, I see the neurosurgeon again on Jan. 30 and I'm really hoping that will be the last time I see him for a while (even though he's pretty easy to look at)
  6. We are planning two first birthday parties for this weekend, so I'm starting to get a little nervous and into "party mode." Knowing 20 people are going to come to my house always makes me hate this house. It just wasn't built with an open floor plan to entertain,  and the galley kitchen is too small.
How's that for random?


Liz said...

Where do you go to get a THREE HOUR pedicure?! Because I want to go there!

Sarah with a Sweet Tooth said...

HA!! It was really only 45min-hour but 3 hours from when I left the house, dropped off the baby, ran in the dollar store and got said pedi.