Wednesday weigh in

One of my favorite bloggers to read for inspiration is Roni’s Weigh. I like her style, for both workout/healthy eating ideas but also just for the way she lives her life. She focuses on her family and works hard at the same time. As a new mom I’m struggling with how do I make time to do a good job at work, keep the house clean, be a good wife and find time to be a mother to my son. Usually, at least one of those things has to give.

Anyway, she weighs in on Wednesdays and I was weighing in with her, but obviously slacked during the holidays as I’m sure many did. Now, I’m back in. And weighing in here too.

This morning’s weight: 218.4. That’s down 2lbs from last week. While I’m excited about that, I do NOT expect it every week. 

Also, I love the date bars, but the hubs has yet to try them.

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