Dates... the edible kind

We've had a membership to Sam's Club for a while now. We usually buy the necessities there - such as diapers, kleenex, TP, baby wipes, etc. I do think they occasionally have a really good deal on some food items - such as nuts, drietd fruits and fresh foods like spinach and apples. We also get our milk and half and half there. I started keeping a notebook of grocery item prices back when the hubs lost his job, so I can tell you where the cheapest item is in our area if we buy it often.

Right before Christmas, I decided to make some at-home lara bars, which are basically cashews and dates put in a food processor. So, now I have a bag full of dates. The cashews are long gone. Today, I made some date bars (link here) that are basically dates, almonds, oats, water. They are also vegan, but I don't care about that.

They have to chill for several hours, so I'll let you know how they taste soon. The true test will be whether or not the hubs eats one.

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