Babies galore!!

In the next two months, I have not one, but four baby showers to go to and that means I have four friends giving birth in the next few months. If I said that all this baby stuff isn't affecting me, it would be a lie.

I've been shopping for shower gifts and everything is just so. darn. cute. I plan on visiting at least two of those lovely ladies in the hospital after they go through the traumatic event that we won't discuss here. That most likely means buying more cuteness.

I kind of want to buy little baby clothes and dress up my pug. But I know that would just cause him to freeze in that position and not move until I take it off. And really, what kind of life would that be for a dog?


Katie said...

Why does it have to be traumatic and not discussed? Childbirth is probably the most amazing thing a woman can do!

Sarah said...

I'm not saying it can't be discussed, I just meant I didn't want to discuss it at that time.

And I hear it is traumatic.

Katie said...

I guess "traumatic" just seems pretty extreme, like if there were complications or it was a high-risk pregnancy.

Trauma is: a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident.
Or: an experience that produces psychological injury or pain.

I guess it could be called violent, and it sometimes happens as result of an accident :) I just think it's a pretty negative way to look at it.

Marissa said...

It is baby world with my friends right now. I have 5 pregnant friends and one that just had a baby. It sounds catchy. I better be careful.

Katie brings up a good point with the word "Traumatic" I've often heard of it described this way as well, though I tend to see it as beautiful. Extremely hard work with a fantastic payoff.

I really wonder what happened to our culture to view it this way. In Africa, many women work right up until they give birth, have the baby, and then go back to work immediately. Sure, it's probably out of necessity that they work and birth this way, but they can still do it! That's amazing!

I was watching a documentary the other day and one medical student said he was considering becoming an OBGYN so that he could do surgeries. Excuse me? When did the birthing process become surgical? I think the medical field has scared women out of their minds about birth. The pain is real, our bodies were built for this job. Im frustrated with this mindset. Especially since baby talk is flying around our household right now and 2 out of ever 3 births in our county are done by c-section.