New food for us

I've tried two new things that I thought you might want to read/see.

The other night I made tuna "burgers" which are basically a can of tuna, an egg, some garlic salt and bread crumbs mixed up. They turned out super delish!!

When the husband is at night class, I try to cook things I know he won't eat. I bought quinoa a while ago, but have been hesitant to cook it. I decided to finally grow a pair and try it. I made it very plain so I could really taste the flavor of the quinoa itself. I just cooked it and then threw in some roasted broccoli on top. The next day for lunch, I did the same thing but threw a leftover turkey burger in the mix. I liked it both times. It does have a strange flavor that I'm not used to, but it wasn't bad. I can see why the blogosphere loves it's protein-ey goodness.

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