Chicken wings at home

The hubs and I love to eat at wing places (like BWW). Really, I only like chicken with BBQ sauce, but the hubs loves wings. Lately, instead of going out to eat wings and fries, we have been steaming/baking chicken wings for big sporting events (for example, the super bowl) at home. The hubs follows an Alton Brown recipe for cooking chicken wings, which is a long process, but definitely worth it. We made some yesterday for dinner (the hubs' favorite team was playing) and I didn't even eat mine with any sauce - they were that good!!

We also had baked sweet potato fries with the wings, so by baking the wings and eating baked sweet potatoes instead of fried, we saved 829 calories and 60 grams of fat for 1lb of wings and 6 oz of fries (we shared both). I also had some broccoli to make sure I ate something green.

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