Week One Complete

Last weekend it was semi-nice outside, so I took advantage of the 32+ degree weather and went for a run/walk outside. I thought it was a good idea to start a couch-to-5k running program. My plan was to run on Monday and Thursday during the week, but a massive snow storm forced me indoors to the boring treadmill. I didn't run on Monday, but did on Tuesday and Saturday. So, I'll call that week one.

I feel like I should register for an actual 5k to have a set deadline, but I don't really care about running a race. I'm really doing it to drop a few lbs and see if I can get myself into a running mode before spring hits. I'm pretty good at being motivated during the warmer months, but the winter makes me want to sit by the fire and read - the opposite of working out. Hopefully, this plan will keep me on track. I'll let you know how it goes.

What's your motivation to work out during winter?


daybydaybyDenise said...

I want to start a couch to 5K also. do you use a pedometer to measure the incremental running to start?
We could be long-distance running partners!

Sarah said...

I just googled couch-to-5K and picked a plan I liked. I'm running for 60s then walk 90s week 1. Week 2 is run 90s walk 60s for 20 min. It's easier to do that on a treadmill for me. You could make a playlist and edit the songs though to tell you when to run or walk.