The opposite of healthy

This weekend, we went to visit some friends in Springfield, IL. All we did was drink, eat and sleep. In that order. We had a pretty fantastic time, but it was not easy on the waistline. I came prepared somewhat - I had a bag of almonds/dried berries in my purse. I also made the guys pick up some oranges for me when they went on a beer run. Oranges are probably my favorite travel fruit because it won't get ruined in my purse (like a banana) and does not need to be kept cold (I prefer my apples chilled).

I didn't take photos of the horseshoe my husband ate, but just know that it's a pile of fries, toast, cheese and meat of your choice. Most people say they are amazing, but I don't like it when my food touches and I really hate soggy fries or bread. So, I opted for a cheesey-potato soup and salad.

Our first stop was the Cozy Drive In for a corn dog or four (I had grilled cheese and asked for it "dry"). Our friend's kid calls it "Cuddly Wieners" because of the logo.

The next morning, we woke up early to get to JP Kelly's for bloody mary's. You probably know that I don't like spicy, so I mooched the olives and cheese from the hubs' bloody mary fixin's. 

We also ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, but I'm sure you know what that looks like. And then we went to another bar for more drinks. Tomorrow = broccoli-for-lunch-detox.

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