Back to the grind

Dang I wish someone would buy our house.

(I think that at least 20 times a day. I bet my hubby thinks it 2x as many as I do.)

So other than that... not much going on. I'm feeling much better today. I think it was my day on the couch doing nothing yesterday that helped. I normally like to chip in and clean the house on Sundays while I'm in c-dale since hubby is bearing the majority of the work while I'm up here gallivanting around the 'Lou, but yesterday I did nothing but wipe down the kitchen so it looked presentable before I left. (I do tend to make a mess wherever I go. Kinda like the Tazmanian devil...)

Tomorrow I'm going in early to the office to work on a story I'm writing about employees who ride the metro to work. If someone would buy my house, I could interview myself.

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Anonymous said...

I very seriously doubt he has the word 'dang' in there. - EL Mayor