Dear Meth Heads,

If you are a current methamphetamine user out there, and continually using your crazy creative juices while you stay up for weeks on end to develop new recipes, please find some other way to create your drug of choice. Use things outside normal OTC drugs and white out so that I can go to walmart without the hassle of buying sudafed when the pharmacy is open, and getting carded for mucinex and white out. Obviously if I'm going to make the trip into walmart in the first place, I'm probably not in a good mood, and if I'm buying those items, I'm probably sick.

So if you could use things for your meth concoction that I would never buy, like motor oil or moldy cheese, that would be great.

Thanks so much!


headballcoach said...

What does Whiteout help cure? Cough? Runny nose? Lupus?

Anonymous said...

You buy more white-out than motor oil?

Sarah said...

yes. I buy more white out than motor oil, since I've never bought motor oil.

Anonymous said...

Also- motor-oil comment was me...your 'comment system' is too complicated for my feeble drunken brain, so i just clicked anonymous. . -- nick batt