Say What?

Because I’m currently residing about 120 miles from “home” in Carbondale, I voted early via absentee ballot. So 2.5 weeks ago, I was done hearing arguments, commercials and general political banter, especially for the president.

Last night, my dad’s side of the fam came over for my mom’s birthday dinner. During the conversation, we eventually slipped into political mode and I was completely astonished by the comment out of my sister’s mouth. They were discussing the local propositions, one of which involves more gambling boats for more money to schools or something like that. Honestly, I don’t know that much about it because like I said, I can’t vote here so I haven’t really cared. But I have HEARD of it, and know the general bits. My sister on the other hand, is a teacher in St. Louis County. So when they brought up Prop A, she asked “what’s that?” and we all stared. When asked how she could be a teacher and not know what is going on she replied “I don’t have time to read the news.”

Is this an example of the “typical apathetic American” or is this “out of the norm?”

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