Chicken Pot Pie

Last night for my mom’s birthday we went over to Emily and Rusty’s for dinner. Of course, Rusty cooked dinner. Usually I get excited when either my hubby or Rusty cooks because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. So when dad told me Rusty was making chicken pot pie for dinner, I was extremely disappointed. I’m not sure if my mom attempted this when I was a child, or if I just ate a bad one somewhere along the line, but I’ve never been drawn to chicken pot pie.

Last night was a turning point though. Rusty’s chicken pot pie was amazing. It was really creamy and had corn, celery and the right amount of chicken in it, and instead of making chicken pot pies for each of us, he made a massive pie in a skillet with biscuits on top.

Not sure if you can get chicken pot pie at Russell's Cafe, but you can get caramel apples right now. He actually makes the caramel himself. I haven't had it, but I bet it's good.

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