Old job versus New job

Some things I've recently noted about the old job versus the new job:

  • At the new job, I get lots of collateral. Free stuff in the form of mugs, camping chairs, golf shirts for my dad, fleece blankets, and of course batman-esque lights for my key chain with the company logo.
  • I miss the cosmetology department at the old job. I haven't had my eyebrows waxed in three months because I refuse to pay more than the $3 I used to pay. This means I have to actually use tweezers and look at myself in one of those awful mirrors that some man created to make women have a lower self-esteem. I also haven't had my hair dyed in three months. Maybe I'll go gray naturally for a while... see how that goes over.
  • I like walking more at work. I feel like much less of a lazy bum.
  • I enjoy sleeping until 7:06 versus the 6:03 I used to get up.
  • I like the 18 miles it takes to get to work versus the 38 it used to (that's one way.)
  • I was extremely disappointed with the vacation/ETO time with the new job. I guess I naively assumed that being one of the top employers in STL that I'd be able to take vacation when I wanted. Did you know that I have to take ETO on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Memorial, Labor and Fourth of July days? They "give" you those days off by "giving" you x number of hours of ETO. That same bank of ETO is also your sick time. I know I'm spoiled, but I'm used to at least a week off at Christmas. I was NOT expecting that with the new job, but I did expect the 6 official federal holidays to be actually "given" to me, not "earned."
  • I love that my office is organized and every decision is a strategic one, based on data. I hated the way my previous employer made every decision based on someone's gut or preference.
  • My boss is super awesome. Not only is she someone I respect, but she is pretty cool too.
  • Everyone knows where I work. I only have to say half of the name, and everyone knows what I'm talking about. No more explaining that no, I do not work in Harrisburg, IL.
  • I can see myself working in this organization for a LONG time. Possibly for the rest of my career. There is so much room to grow, and if I want to try something else - like human resources or doing six sigma training or marketing instead of public relations, I can do that.

    Stay tuned to tomorrow's review of the 04 Civic EX versus the 08 Civic LX.

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