Civic vs Civic

I've had the new civic for about a month now, so I feel like I can accurately give you a comparison between the two. So the "new civic" is an '08 LX automatic transmission, 4 door. The "old civic" is '04 coupe manual. I bought both cars brand new.

We'll start with the engine incase any of my 5 readers care about that... which I doubt.
  • The new car's engine is bigger, but not much. Hubby refused to race me to see which one is faster, but I bet the old car would be, only because it's a manual and only if I were driving.
  • The cruise on the old car is smoother. The new one goes through this thing where it slows down, then realizes it and gets all upset and rev's the engine to catch up. I think this is pretty standard for automatic cars, but it makes for a not-perfectly-smooth ride.
  • The automatic part of the new car is really nice, especially in traffic. I don't miss the shifting part of my life at all.
The inside of the car:
  • It feels pretty roomy for being a civic, which I think has the stigma (not stigmata like I overheard the other day...) of being a small car. As part of a family where both members are 5'11, I feel pretty comfy in my "compact" car.
  • The lumbar support for the driver's seat is much better in the new car. I haven't driven it more than 2 hours at a time, but I can tell it's better already.
  • The speakers on the new car are lacking. Maybe I'm missing the sound of the sub that was standard on the old car, but when I turn it up loud, the sound is not very crisp, especially the bass notes.
  • The ipod plug-in is awesome on the new car.
  • The new car's steering wheel is smaller than the old one and I'm still not used to it.
  • The speedometer display is digital in the new car. As someone who's been pulled over more times than I can count on one hand, I find that extremely helpful.
Any other questions? Feel free to ask.

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Tiana said...

The only down fall of a digital speedometer is that everyone else can see how fast you are going when they pull along side of you. Not too helpful if you like speed.