Calling all catholic saints

I am continually getting closer and closer to a mental breakdown because of this house situation. I am one of those people that reads the news everyday, and for the last week I've felt like the world is coming crashing down around us. Not only is the housing market sucking, but even if someone did want to buy our house, they probably couldn't get a loan anymore anyways!! I wish I could contact the people whose house we want to buy, and tell them to get someone to buy ours so we can buy theirs.

Our house is cute, in good condition, in a great school district and priced right (according to our agent anyways). We've dropped the price $6,500 already. That's a deal folks!! I even buried the little catholic dude in the backyard that my old-lady-neighbor said would sell the house within three weeks, guaranteed. It's been five. Saint what's-his-name is failing to do his job.

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Karen Goodman said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me a great suggestion for some market stats that many of my readers may find helpful.

There are definitely homes selling. In fact, about 2/3 of my listings in the last year have sold in 60 days or less. But, buyers have a lot to choose from, so they expect the house to be in great condition, move-in ready AND be at a great price. Bottom line is that they will check out all of the similar homes near your area and they'll pick the one at the best price with the best features. The upside of selling in a down market, is that you should be able to get a similar discount on the new house.

Where is the house you are selling? I'm working with a few buyers...and regularly get new ones, and would be happy to see if it is a match for any of them.