Boots McGee

As a pretty tall female, I also have large feet. They are what I would call "normal" width, but long, pretty much in proportion with the rest of me. So most of my shoes are size 11, some of them even size 12. With my new job, I'm walking at least 1 mile per day to meetings and photo shoots, so comfy shoes are required. This means I can no longer consider myself part-idiot, shoving my feet into smaller shoes just because they look cute.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I've been on a search for boots. I'm looking for flat, mid-calf comfy boots that I can wear to work, or out. Also, I don't want them to make my calves look 4x bigger than they are already. And I refuse to pay more than $60-70. Tall order, I know. I've scoured my normal spots on the internets, but they all charge too much and are not guaranteed to be comfy. I spent most of the afternoon hunting through the few spots in Carbondale with no luck.

I will continue this search in the big cit-ay. I know Dillards in the Galleria has some big people shoes, so maybe I'll head there first.

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