• My aunts/uncles call myspace and/or facebook "myface"
  • It amazes me how many people above the age of 30 have no idea whatsoever what either end of "myface" is.
  • I love it when someone from high school finds me on either place because I don't really have to talk to them, but I can see what they are up to.


hubster said...

Your family has a tendency to call something by the wrong name on purpose because they think it is funny. Usually it is, once. Then it gets old.

Sarahlynn said...

That's exactly why I love them, too. Now I know that my high school locker partner is living in Indianapolis, married, and has 3 tiny boys. All without having to actually communicate with her! That was exactly the amount of effort I wanted to put in to catching up with her. Thank you, Facebook!

I was at a meeting last night and a bunch of middle aged women were complaining about how hard it is to find anything online and how the keep getting porn sites when they try to log onto their bank's website.

I thought, man. How is it possible to be that confused? And this is why I get spam and phishing emails; they're worth while for shady types because they catch people like you. (Not you, I mean the middle-aged women.)