Flip a house?

We have somewhat expanded our house search. Today I went to look at two foreclosed houses. The first one was absolutely disgusting, and in HORRIBLE shape. I'm talking holes in the ceiling, holes in the floor, rotting floor, rotting ceiling, black mold covering a wall, the front wall brick was cracked and warped, and that's just what I saw on a 10 minute glance.

However, the house was in a really nice neighborhood, so should someone choose to tackle that problem, they could possible make a profit if they were able to do a lot of that work themselves. The other house was in the same nice neighborhood, and our agent is working on it. The basement leaked and ruined the finished basement, but he's already taken care of fixing it. The upstairs needs new carpets, but other than that the rest of the house was great! It was dirty, and needs new paint everywhere, but that is totally do-able.

The other good news is I talked to our neighbors in C-dale and they said they know someone else interested in our house, so I asked them to put in an offer and see what happens. So hopefully something will come of it soon.


Valerie said...

I hope someone buys your house in C-dale! Then you can start coming out for happy hour on the weekends instead of leaving!

Sarah said...

Absolutely!! We will have a celebratory happy hour at fast eddies!!!