Too Much?

I'm a compulsive planner. It really bothers me to not know what plans are. I'm sure my husband and my college roomie can attest to how much I annoy(ed) them because they are both very much procrastinators and just "go with the flow."

For example, I have kept all of my "Fat Pants" that I still consider wearable. I keep them because when I get pregnant, I'll already have pants that I know I like. This morning I tried on some of my size 20 tall pants (which was not my biggest size of Fat Pants btw) from college to make sure they were indeed still "Fat Pants" - which they definitely were. If I could lose maybe 8-10 more LBs I could probably start wearing Emily's pants or size 14.

And to answer your question grandma, no. I'm not pregnant.

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Katie said...

Sarah, I created a new blog last night and hopefully I'll get back to making regular posts. It's