I work at a health care organization. I tried today to see a doctor because I've been sick all week. It turns out, if you are not on the books, it is completely impossible to see a doctor at 4pm on a Thursday. One lady told me to go to the ER (where I would sit and wait and never be seen for my sore throat, cough and just misery as compared to the gunshot wound sitting next to me and pay a $100 co-pay should I make it to a MD) or just go ahead and suck on a cough drop. Thanks.

Another lady told me to go to an urgent care center (which would also be lots of dollars that I don't have) or tough it out.

Neither of these women knew I was one of their "coworker" because I called their offices just like everyone else does. I think it's telling me how much we need to work on our customer service at ALL levels of the organization.

Luckily, I have a doctor in the family who can help me out in times of need.

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