I apologize

For the lack of blogging. I've been busy at night reading Twilight. In fact, my hubby is feeling a little unloved, because I've been reading so much that I forget to call him until around 1015 when I look at the clock and realize "oh crap! I have to work tomorrow!" Gone are the days in college when I could stay up for 24 hours straight reading a book like I did with the DaVinci Code and the Harry Potter series.

In other news, I'm still kicking around this cold that I've had for 2 weeks now. I also got a hug from actor Will Smith while he was in town promoting his new movie, so that was exciting. We are planning on going to Tstreet tonight if anyone wants to join us. Apparently they are celebrating an anniversary and having 10 cent 10 oz beers all night. Not that I will partake in the beer drinking, but I might drink something else.

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