The boys

Good thing I put my scarves and gloves on the table there for these 2 cats to lay on all day today.

After dinner, mom and I went in search of some brie for a dish I'm making for the annual party we go to Thursday morning pre-Thanksgiving festivities. Most people bring some sort of finger food or dip. So I found a Paula Deen recipe for Sugared Nut Brie.

Incase anyone else is looking for brie, don't go to ShopNSave. Dierbergs is the way to go. They not only had brie, but several options to choose from.

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Kathy G said...

I laughed out loud when I saw your picture! My cats lay on ANYTHING.

If the island in the kitchen is clean except for a single piece of paper (yeah, that happens about once every six months...) I'll find one of them parked on the paper.