This move affects the family pet too.

Is everyone still watching the puppies?

I think I should probably put a camera on my mom's belt so we can watch General all day as he follows her around the house. He is so completely spoiled that last weekend in Carbondale he would not be still unless he was sitting on either of our laps. He used to nap in another chair - the chair that squeaks when it rocks and came from Grandma S's house. He preferred to be solitary so that no one bothered him while he slumbered. Now that he is a grand-dog full-time, he refuses to sit anywhere but a comfy warm lap.

I'm afraid he's also getting used to grandma taking him out every 20 minutes and that when we move into our own house, his little bladder is going to have a rude awakening when little General is forced to hold it for 8 hours at a time.

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Brooke said...

Why are people watching these puppies?