Football=no hubs

This happens every fall. You'd think I'd be used to being a family of 1 + dog + .2 husband. I'm not. When football comes into full swing, I feel like a needy, unloved wife who constantly begs for more time with the hubs. It's not that I never get to see him, it's that he's tired, sweaty, smelly and crabby from about July-November. This year is 10x worse than any of the prior six though because he's working about 13 hour days to fit in the $ that a real job means and the pride that the part-time, mostly at night outside gig gives him. I fully support him in both endeavors, in fact I love watching him coach on the field every Friday night. He's so great with the kids and I can tell they respect him.

Instead, I spend waaay too much time watching cooking shows, stalking on facebook and playing catch with the dog.

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Valerie said...

I'm going to start going to those football games with you so we can cheer together! And if we choose not to go, we will make construction paper cards for our loved ones. Or bake cookies (for ourselves)! :D