Ready for the big screen?

I auditioned for to be in a commercial at work today. It was slightly strange because I used to be the one who stood behind the camera and convinced 18-year-olds to tell me the story (that I wrote for them) of why they chose to come to my place of employment for college. It was difficult because most of them just wanted to say that they came because they didn't have any other option. Well, let's face it - that does NOT make a good commercial. So I usually asked the kids I knew to be outgoing and semi-comfortable in front of the camera.

A lot of rambling there, but I do have a point.

We bought a new camera today for the office and I was playing around with it all day. It's a flip camera (which I kept calling a flip phone) and I ran down to the auditions to see if anyone was auditioning and I could video them on the new toy. Unfortunately, no one was there, so I decided I'd help out and audition myself. :)

We'll see what happens.

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