My initial test

Just to see where I fell in these three training programs, I took the "initial test of each one. If you want to compare yours, feel free to leave a comment. To see proper form and goals for each one, click the links. Here’s the result of my test…

100 Pushups: Initial Test

Rank: 1 - 1 push ups (that's one for real push up, not a girly push up because I can do several of those! So I suck at pushups.)

200 Squats: Initial Test

Rank: Excellent - 100 (I was pretty sweaty and shaky after these.)

200 Sit-Ups: Initial Test

Rank: Good - 56 (proud of you, abs.)

I'm still debating if I will attempt to accomplish any of these. Squats looks like the most attainable, but pushups obviously needs some attention. Will ponder and get back to you, blogland.

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