what's a creeper?

Friday night, I came home from watching the hubs coach to see two dudes climbing around the drainage ditch on the side of my house. At first I thought they were kids playing (which is a normal occurrence) but then I realized these were full grown idiots. They seemed to be looking for something, hubs thinks maybe their pet snake. I looked around and saw no strange cars, so they must have walked here from wherever they came from. All I know is they were completely creeping me out!

So for the next hour, while I waited for hubs or the neighbors I'm friends with to come home, I peeked at them through the bathroom window.

I took photos to document this event, should they turn out to be murderers or something.

They were also both really proud of their plumbers cracks.

After the neighbors came home, I ran over there to tell them the story. I started it with "two creepers were hanging out over by my house" their four year old daughter, and my BFF, responded with "what's a creeper?"

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