New record.

I made it to work today without even braking on the bridge. It was glorious!!! 21 minutes from driveway to parking lot. It's a good day.

Last night the hubs and I had salad from the grocery store for dinner. I love doing that, but it's easy to get calorie-carried away. I put our own dressing on it because you know that stuff they offer is the opposite of light.

An update on the vita-muffins: LOVE THEM!! They are tasty, good texture, and only 1 point. You get them in a box, and you have to freeze them if you don't plan to eat them all within a couple of days. I love that I can save some. I bring one for lunch most days and it's a great way to meet the needs of my sweet tooth without eating donuts and pastries laying around the office.

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