Back on the wagon.

Lately I've been thinking that I need to re-focus on the goals I set for myself back in January. I was steadily on the track to reach this goal:
  • Weigh 175lbs by Nov. 18, 2009 by implementing weigh watchers practices and doing some form of exercise for 30 minutes 6 days/week. I think I can attain this goal before then, but that's my ultimate deadline.
Until we moved. I guess losing my routine and moving/eating out with the hubs has pushed me off track a bit. I haven't gained all of it back, but I'm not losing either.
When I gain a few lbs and realize it in my clothes, I have a hard time seeing myself as I really look. I still picture myself as this girl:

(senior year of high school 1999 and freshman year of college 2000.) While I never actually considered myself obese, I did weigh 260lbs at my highest. So back then, my BMI was a healthy 36.3. Obese is technically anything 30 or greater. I also wore a size 20-22 my freshman year of college.

The reason I set myself this goal is to weigh in at a healthy rate for my height. The hubs and I are discussing the possibility of producing offspring in the next few years and I do not want to cause our youngin's any extra health risk due to my love of food.

So in January, when I set that goal I weighed 193 - a BMI of 26.9. In April, I bought a size 12 dress - the first time ever in my adult life that I've purchased a size 12 for myself (green below). I considered that a pretty big step. However, even with that dress on, I still pictured myself as "the fat girl." I'm not sure that's something I'll ever get over.

As of this morning, my BMI is 25.9 - still overweight, but only one BMI point away from being at "normal" weight. I realize that BMI is not the best way to measure a body and how healthy it is, but for comparison's sake - that's what you get.
So now it's time to get my head back in the game. I've never stopped weight watchers, but I did stop logging every single thing I put in my mouth, and that was apparently my downfall.

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Rebekah J said...

Welcome to Operation: PANTS! Go Sarah Go!

Next step: go to the Farmer's Market outside the B&N and get one of these fantastic peaches to quell your craving for sweets. O.M.G. tasty peach.