The plan:

My Very Good Buddy (since I was 16 and she 15) KT and I are planning to hang out this evening. We are headed to my house (since we tend to alternate MO and IL sides of the river) to bake a quiche and plant some flowers.

I was reading online that it is not ideal to do what I did, and randomly pick the prettiest flowers at the garden spot. Instead, you should put facts and figures in the idea machine and formulate a plan. WELL, I didn't bother to do that. I already bought a bunch of random plants, all needing full sun and not annuals, as they will bake all day in front of the house and I don't want to do it again next year. We'll see if they bother to show their pretty colors again. If not, I'll go back and pick out different random plants.

We are also planning for a delish dinner of multi-flavored, muffin tin-sized quiche nuggets. I watched Alton Brown make some crepe-quiche things last night that looked amazing. We'll have to save the crepe part of that project for another day when I have time to figure out how to master that task.

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