I'm trying my darndest (is that a word? I know I've said it.) to not turn this into the Grad School Rant blog, but let's face it. A full semester's worth of class/reading/assignments/tests shoved into five intense weeks means it pretty much consumes your life and there's no coming up for breath until it's over.

But tonight, I will not read or study because I'm going to watch the hubs coach his first game with the new team. I know he's not having a great bonding experience so far with these coaches, but I'm hoping it will improve. It's probably hard because the guy he used to coach with was one of his best buds and now he's with a bunch of dudes he doesn't know.

Last fall, the hubs promised his players that if they won the homecoming game, they could shave a mohawk in his hair. Let's hope for the same result tonight, minus the mohawk.

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