I heart Land O'Lakes

This is an amazing discovery!! I don't know about you, but I love my coffee in the morning. Some might say I don't drink it properly because I dilute it with frivolous things like fat free half and half or sugar free vanilla syrup, but I just love drinking it on the way to work. It's part of my commute now. The best news ever is that now it comes in a half gallon! A half gallon of half and half! Say that 10 times fast.

On a side note, for those who shop at the place with all the "rollbacks," you might have noticed that they now have their own version of this delicious treat. The hubs and I have both tried to like it, for the price, but agree that the version shown here is worth the extra cents.

While I refuse to drink the off-brand, I also refuse to by this product overpriced at the local upscale grocery store, which happens to be the closest to my house. So with the new half-half-half version, I have to visit the 30-minute-lines-store less often.

*I was not paid in any way for supporting this product. I just really love it.

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