Me and my hairdresser

I don't even know if hairdresser is the proper term these days, but that's what I call the person who cuts my hair. When we moved to Pleasantville (what my dad calls our new neighborhood) I had to find a new hairdresser. I asked a local blogger for a suggestion (thanks Courtney) and asked for someone who had curly hair. All of you with curly hair know why I asked for that. So that's how we met.

Last time I was visiting her, we talked about the two things we really have in common - working out and curly hair. She said the funniest thing that really stuck with me about working out. I was complaining about how sore my legs were from doing tons of lunges and squats because my legs/butt are the problem area on my body. She said she does the same exercises but not for the same reason. She said she doesn't really want to lose a lot of weight, but wants to "lift up" what's she's got "back there" and that lunges and squats were the way to do that (according to her personal trainer).

I think I'm going to make that another of my goals - to lift up what I've got.

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