I'd rather sleep

For me, the hardest day to get up and run or work out is Saturday. Because we are still on the "no kids" side of things, I don't have to get up for anything. I do not schedule things for Saturday mornings so I can sleep in. The hubs tends to tell me I'm sleeping my life away, but I just really enjoy being well-rested. I tend to get cranky and snippy if I don't sleep well and it's best to stay away on those days.

Last night we had several people come over and several of those stayed the night, including two in the guest room, two in the "man room," two in the dining room and one on the couch. And since none of us has anything but a dog-child to worry about, it was obviously a late night. Regardless of that, I'm proud to say that I set the alarm this morning, and even though it was a slower roll, I did roll myself out of the bed to go run.

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