Under Construction

I think I'm going to take this blog to a whole new level. Stick around if you want to see how it turns out.

Lately, I've been trying to eat and live more healthy. On the drive home tonight (which is continually getting longer and longer by the way) I was thinking about all the products that are helping me be healthy or at least on the right track, and I thought maybe others would want to know about a few of them. The other thing I want to do is live my life more "green" and set a good foundation for when we decide to bring children into this world. We really don't eat fast food as it is, but I need to step up my game on the cooking front. I have a few things I know how to do well, but I really need to branch out because I doubt my children will be okay with cereal or oatmeal as a well-rounded dinner.

I'm also planning to steer this space to more of a journal for my eating/exercising habits with all the trials and tribulations that come with it. I've kind of been going that route for a while now anyways, but now I'm telling you so you can steer clear of this tiny space on the web if that does not interest you.

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