Operation Tan

Over the holiday weekend, we ended up at a bar downtown and somehow the topic of tans came up. During our extended (and I mean we spent waaay too much time talking about tans) the hubs says that me, his wife, has never had a Tan. That's a tan with a capital T because it was discovered in this convo that my husband has a particular version of Tan that most people do not reach. While I do get some color most summers, I do not usually go the Tan route that my sister (a teacher who spends her summers at the pool) reaches.

Because I am annoyed that he thinks I cannot get a Tan, this summer is now called Operation Tan. I will work on getting a tan with a capital T - and I will not fake-bake. The last time I got in a tanning bed I came out with red blotchies all over my chest. That also happened to be the week before our wedding, so I might have had a conniption fit about it and vowed never to tan in a tanning bed again.

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