New favorite snack

For whatever reason, I tend to munch on crap the minute I get home from work and have a hard time stopping until I go to sleep. I'm pretty sure it's just out of boredom, so I do not allow items like chips or cookies in the house that I will just gobble up in one day. A while ago I gave myself the rule of no eating 2 hours before I'm going to sleep. That has been working fairly well, but I'm going to sleep hungry which I'm proud of, but I don't like the way it feels when I lay down.

To fix that problem, I've been planning a designated snack/dessert around 830pm so I know that I will have something to eat and I can tell myself not to eat any other stuff from dinner until then. The best part is it's only 2 points! I chop up about 3/4 cup strawberries and dump a vanilla (I took a photo of key lime because I like the combo packs) Activia yogurt on them. It's seriously really filling and delish!

*Activia did not pay me, I just really like that stuff!

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