Of all the photos on facebook, the girl that made our 10-year high school reunion "book" that everyone has, picked THIS photo of us. Keep in mind that I have a bazillion photos on FB of us that are WAY better than this one.

I wish I would have submitted a better one. Now high school people think I don't wear make up and I have a double chin, not to mention it's horribly framed. And you can hardly tell that I've lost almost a whole person since then!!!!

(is it super horrible if I think that the girl that organized it did it on purpose?)


MJ said...

Everyone is probably too busy thinking about their own photo's to care about yours. No worries.

Sarah said...

you make a good point MJ. Now that I've ranted about it both online and to my friend whose photo was "stretched" inaccurately, I feel better. :)