Eggplant: my first adventure

At work, we have a weekly farmers market for local vendors to sell their ripest of the ripe. Today I wanted to get some sweet corn because the hubs and I seem to be eating it all the time, but then I also stumbled upon a cute little eggplant. I decided that since I like most veggies grilled, I could at least do that with it.

I requested help from my FB friends and ended up attempting Eggplant Pomodoro. It turned out to be pretty darn good! I burned the garlic (I suck at cooking most of the time) so that flavor was unappealing, but the rest of it was very good (I left out the olives and capers since we don't have those in the house and I used my own tomatoes). The eggplant itself seemed to soak up the other flavors, but I didn't like the skin. It was a little chewy and bitter, so if I make this again I would cut off the skin first.

Edit: the pasta is much better immediately than reheated the next day.

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