Back in the groove

I've been a little MIA lately with vacation and birthday celebrations, but I'm going back to work tomorrow. That means going back to the routine of regular life, including working out on a normal schedule. I have a personal training session planned for Tuesday evening, and I'm planning on being pretty sore for the rest of the week.

I have not had the luxury of working out with a personal trainer - unless you consider my hubs trying to teach me how to lift properly a personal trainer. I don't, so I'm kind of nervous about the one-hour beating I'm about to ask for. Hopefully I will learn some things and be more motivated to lift weights. I can usually motivate myself to go for a run, but lifting just seems like such a chore that I put it off until the last minute of the day (think right before I go to bed) and then I cut it short because I need to go to sleep.


Taylor said...

hey! just spotted you around the blogosphere and got excited because I'm from the Lou too! i've never found any other bloggers from this area. it's good to know i'm not alone!

Sarah said...

there are a bunch of bloggers in the STL area!! You just have to hunt us down :)