Vacation eating

It is SO hard to eat well on vacation. I'm currently writing to you from vacation and let me tell you, it's really difficult. Last night, for example, we ate at a local Italian restaurant. I know to get red sauce, no matter what. But those rolls are so good and the you know the house salad dressing (regardless of flavor) is not low-fat in any way. The hubs and I love trying new restaurants, and refuse to eat at Applebees on vacation. With this new thing called the "Internet" we can read reviews of restaurants we are considering while in the parking lot. Luckily we did. One restaurant we were considering had a bunch of reviews of food poisoning - obviously we did not go there.

On the work out side of things - I have been able to work up a sweat several times, but that was from laying out on the dock - not working out.

And on the personal side of things - tomorrow is my birthday!

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