All grown up

The hubs and I grew up only two hours apart, but sometime I feel like we grew up in completely different culinary worlds. Before I met him, I'd never had beer-can chicken or bagna-cauda, and those are just two things I can think of right this second. I really didn't even like chicken before we were living together (and cooking together) because I didn't really like fried chicken (I know, many of you will gasp out loud probably) and I love my mom, but her chicken was always overcooked and chewy. I had no idea you could grill chicken in a pan, or on the griddle contraption, without it being chewy and hard to eat!! Now, grilled chicken is pretty much our go-to meal when we don't want to be creative and I love the way the hubs experiments with different flavorings to go on/with it.

The things I make him try seem like standard food to me, but I guess it goes both ways, huh. The other night, I made him try a bite of my plum because he didn't know what one tasted like. I tried to warn him that the skin was sour but the inside was really sweet. He didn't care for the sourness of the skin, but at least he was willing to taste it.

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